Akari Mizunashi
Moe 62508 sample
a.k.a. Aquamarine (遙かなる蒼), Momiko (by Akatsuki), Miss Expert of Happiness
Kanji 水無 灯里
Romaji Mizunashi Akari
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 15
Birthday January 30
Birthplace Manhome (Earth)
Location Neo-Venezia
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Green
Height 155 cm
Blood Type A
Title Aquamarine
Affiliation Aria Company
Occupation Undine
Rank Prima
Voice Actor Erino Hazuki (Japanese)
Veronica Taylor (English)
Benedetta Ponticelli (Italian)
Jeong Sin Wu (Korean)

Akari Mizunashi (水無 灯里, Mizunashi Akari) is a native from Japan on Manhome who immigrated to Aqua when she was fifteen. Akari ventured to Aqua in hopes of becoming an Undine. In preparation, she practiced the basics of rowing on Manhome, but in the wrong direction (backwards).

Although she's since relearned the correct way, she's still faster in reverse. Like her mentor Alicia, Akari has an appreciation and enjoyment for all things in life. Even mundane experiences can be a source of wonder to Akari. This makes her seem spaced out since she's often found with a dreamy expression and distracted easily. Her friend Aika often scolds her for not paying attention.

Appearance Edit

Akari wears the Aria Company's primary colors of white and blue on their traditional Undine outfit. She has short pink hair, but two long ponytails on the sides of her head held together by two yellow hairbands.

At the end, when we see Akari as an adult, she has long pink hair that she ties in a ponytail, and her long sideburns are still held by the yellow hairbands, but her sideburns are longer, and are looped up into her her ponytail.

Personality Edit

Akari is a hard worker who trains daily with her friends, Aika & Alice, but also enjoys her work. While not noted for any outstanding feature, Akari has a warm presence that can win anyone over. She has an uncanny ability to make friends, and becomes well known throughout Neo-Venezia simply by talking to people and getting to know them.

Biography Edit

Most chapters of the manga and episodes of the anime are framed with narration taken from emails written by Akari. In the anime, the recipient is a young girl named Ai, a customer in the first episode who becomes Akari's pen pal, but in the manga the recipient is someone she does not name and is referred to as zenryaku but has never seen.

At the start of Aqua, Akari arrives on Aqua as a new Pair at Aria Company. In chapter 5 of Aqua, when Aika is promoted to Single, Alicia tests and promotes Akari as well. Later, in chapter 58 of Aria and episode 12 of Aria the Origination, after Aika is promoted to Prima, Alicia gives Akari the test for Prima. When Akari passes, she is given the title "Aquamarine" (遙かなる蒼 Harukanaru Ao?, lit. "Distant Blue").