List of Series of the anime television series Aria, adapted from the science fiction manga series Aqua and Aria by Kozue Amano. ARIA THE ANIMATION Season 1 : 13 Episodes,ARIA THE NATURAL Parts 1&2 Season 2 : 13 Episodes each,ARIA THE ORIGINATION Season 3 Series Finale : 13 Episodes and ARIA THE OVA~ARIETTA

Set in the early 24th century on a terraformed Mars, now called Aqua, it depicts the life of a young woman named Akari as a trainee gondolier tour guide, or Undine, for Aria Company, including her friendships with her mentor, Alicia, and two other trainees, Aika and Alice.

Aria the Animation Edit

  1. That Wonderful Miracle
  2. On That Special Day
  3. With That Transparent Young Girl
  4. That Undeliverable Letter
  5. To That Island Which Shouldn't Exist
  6. That Which You Want to Protect
  7. Doing That Wonderful Job
  8. That Melancholy President
  9. That Starlike Fairy
  10. That Warm Holiday
  11. Those Orange Days
  12. That Soft Wish
  13. That White Morning

Aria the Natural Edit

  1. That Encounter at Carnevale
  2. Looking For That Treasure
  3. The Night of the Meteor Shower
  4. That Neo-Venezia-Colored Heart
  5. The Wonder of That Rainy Day / The Discoveries on That Spring Day
  6. The Smile Reflected in That Mirror
  7. To the Kingdom of Cats
  8. The Day of Festa del Bocolo
  9. Those Honest Stars
  10. That Heartwarming Town and Its People
  11. That Precious Sparkle
  12. Chasing That Mirage / The Light from That Nightshine Chime
  13. Those Really Self-Imposed Rules
  14. That Newest Memory
  15. The Center of That Large Circle
  16. Parting with That Gondola
  17. After That Rainy Night
  18. That New Me
  19. That Crybaby / That Young Girl's Heart
  20. That Shadowless Invitation
  21. That Night of the Galaxy Express
  22. That Mysterious World
  23. That Sea, Love and Heart
  24. Those Undines of Tomorrow
  25. The Fruits of That Encounter
  26. That White, Kind City